The Best Fitness Conferences to Attend with the Approach of Summer

What comes before Summer? Spring of course; And what better way to celebrate the new touch of warmth with some of the best fitness conferences in town?

Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about the best of the best, all ready for you to visit.

What exactly do these events have to offer and why should you attend? Well, the answer is simple.

To commence networking with leaders within the fitness industry, all while readjusting your approach towards summer. Of course, all of us want to get back into shape and avoid the prolonging of that old “winter-slump”. I know I do anyway.

Fitness conferences, as well as summits,  are the best way to cram a few days of inspiring speeches and sessions in, which will allow you insight and learning new skill and tricks from the best.

If you think about a popular fitness event, what comes to mind is most probably one such as IHRSA, which is one biggest in the industry and generally takes place during March annually. There are also a lot of other events to choose from.


3 Fitness Conferences to Attend in Spring 2019

  • IDEA Personal Trainer Western Institute

This Personal Trainer Institute, also known as IDEAPTI, it is an excellent conference, due to its variety of endless benefits offered to all who attend.

You can even learn how to earn a total of 29 CEC’s, as well as get recertified all at once while having access to guides from many successful leaders in the industry. It also allows you the time and opportunity to buy the latest gear and equipment, all while expanding your network and knowledge regarding fitness gurus and trainers from across the globe.


  • The Fitness Business Summit

If you’re an owner of either a gym or any fitness-inspired facility, the Fitness Business Summit is the place to be next year. It is great for those who want to eliminate their competition, increase their marketing and sales techniques, and as a result, expand their revenue beyond their wildest dreams.

There are usually over 30 speakers, which covers all topics, such as how to be a better coach, improve your skills as a fitness professional and push the envelope, how to leverage the media, marketing strategies, getting more members, and much more.

This event is great for any professional who is crazy about fitness as a profession a want to achieve optimal success, all while maintaining a proper balance in their lives.


Ah, Australia. If there’s one country that knows what they’re doing when it comes to fitness, it’s probably the land down under.

FILEX is an event that accommodates over 2,000 fitness professionals, which includes fitness leaders and health experts from all over the world. During this conference, which spans over the course of three days, these professionals offer the best networking opportunities and workshops, which will add to the development of your personal brand, as well as your business.

The conference is one of the biggest fitness-inspired events in Australia and is hosted in Sydney annually.

Health Conferences to Attend in 2018

To be able to maintain one’s health, proper nutrition is critical. If nutrition is one of the building blocks of what allows humans to grow, the energy to move and function optimally, it is the most critical component in one’s life.

Whether you’d like to implement proper nutrition to reach your fitness goals, become healthier or prevent disease, we all have a reason why we choose to eat healthily every day.

Making the most out of the right foods is thus one of the best things we can do for our bodies, other than getting rest and getting adequate exercise.

When it comes to describing the average American, there is not much to relate to health and fitness at all. The average American consumes around 15 added pounds of sugar, as well as 30% of calories more annually, which has lead to an entire generation, as well as the future generation of obesity and people being more prone to illness. As a result, obesity in children, for instance, has tripled within the last three decades.


Health conferences have been implemented in the U.S. to help governmental agencies fight this epidemic and prevent a future outcome of an entire nation resulting to obesity, the case of being overweight, as well as illnesses such as diabetes and having health risks such as high cholesterol levels, which also relates to many other health conditions.

The initiative, MyPlate, is the establishment of many applications and blogs, which allows you many resources to get your weight back to normal again. It has also resulted in some of the most critical health, nutrition and medical expos in the U.S.

The 3 Top Health/ Nutritive Conferences in the U.S in 2019

#1 The Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE)

As one of the most popular expos, the FNCE conference occurs annually and is hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The conference is held for all who are actively involved in the nutrition and dietetics industry. Doors are also open to guests, but not for educational sessions. This conference includes over 10,000 nutrition experts, which addresses all health-related issues that are faced by the citizens of the country.

#2 International Plant-Based Nutrition Health Care Conference

This conference is held for any individual within the healthcare industry, interested in learning about information and research on anything plant-based related when it comes to changing your lifestyle.

The sessions all include different issues, which can span from anything such as the management of medication for those who consume such a diet, how it can heal and aid in many illnesses, as well as helpful cooking techniques.

#3 Sustainable Foods Summit: Asia-Pacific

If you’re interested in learning all there is on sustainable food choices, then eco-labels are the one conference for you.

Professionals in the industry are likely to attend this conference, along with health professionals in general.

The conference focuses on urban farming, sources of protein, water footprints, blockchain and the advancements of eco-design in packaging.

#4 The Natural Products Expo (West)

Whether you’re a distributor, supplier, health practitioner, investor, retailer, as well as involved in any business profession related to natural products, this conference is for you.

During this event, you’ll experience over 3,000 exhibitors, as well as receive educational presentations and sessions from speakers. The event is only available to healthcare professionals or individuals who are of interest in the business.

The Most-Deadliest Types of Cancer

When it comes to different types of cancers, there are some that can be extremely dangerous and even fatal in worst case scenarios, and then there are cancers that are a bit more time.

Those that are tamer, usually have various treatment options available to you and even a high chance of getting better with proper medical advice and medications. Those who are worse, however, is more of a struggle to heal than anything else.

Whether the cause is smoking, living an unhealthy lifestyle, other illnesses that caused it, or whatever the case may be, it’s something that strikes without warning and devastates of people all around the world daily.

With, you’d think that all cancers are deadly. That is, in fact, not the case and there are a few who are singled out as the worst of the worst.

With an astonishing increase from 14 million new cases annually to 22 million in as little as six years, knowing about different types of cancers, as well as how to spot it early is very important. It’s also important to remember that even if you’re healthy, you are not exempt from cancer by any means.

Ranked: The 3 Deadliest Types of Cancers

Lung/ Bronchus Cancer

Listed as the worst cancer amongst all, lung or bronchus cancer resulted in the most fatalities the past couple of years.

Lung cancer is also considered to be the deadliest type of cancer because there aren’t many medical professionals can do to heal or treat it. The condition occurs when cells in your lung mutate, resulting in abnormal growth that hurts your organs, as well as prevent them from functioning correctly. It also has a negative effect on your organs and can prevent them from functioning altogether, which is why so many people die of it.

Cigarette smoking is responsible for over 90% of diagnoses. Another cause is breathing in toxic substances. It is estimated that 70% of patients diagnosed with lung cancer will die.

 Colorectal Cancer



As one of the most fatal types of cancers, colorectal cancers is also one of the most preventable.

It occurs when polyps form in one’s rectum. Polyps are abnormal growths of cells that aren’t necessarily cancerous, but always has a high chance of being active.

There is a reason why one should get a full examination on an annual, or bi-annual basis, as this type of growth can remain in the body without causing cancer for a few years. Removing it before it becomes cancerous, however, will defeat the risk of getting colorectal cancer altogether; hence it’s importance.

This type of cancer can occur in both young and older individuals but is more likely to occur in adults over 50, which adds up to over 90% of reported cases.

Anyone who’s had Crohn’s disease, colon cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, has an increased risk of getting colorectal cancer.

Breast Cancer

This cancer is one of the most common cancers in women and is caused as a result of cells that are mutated, which can turn into a malignant tumour.

This type of cancer is the second type of cancer that causes most deaths among women. Just because it is more prone to occur in women, however, doesn’t mean it cannot occur in men.

Women who have had breast cancer in their family, are also more prone to developing it at some point in their life. Girls who start menstruating before the age of 12, or women who only begin menopause after 55, are also more prone to getting breast cancer.

The Disadvantages of Junk Food

Junk food is almost unavoidable. It tastes great, costs less, and it’s easy to carry around. But junk food, as you may already know, isn’t exactly healthy. They cause many problems later mainly due to the mixture of salt, fat and sugar. That is because junk food, in its essence, is food that delivers minimal nutrients with a lot of fat and sugar. In this article, we’ll explain why having junk food on a regular basis can prove detrimental to your overall health.

Weight Imbalance

Since junk food is mostly empty calories and having junk food as a meal will only leave you wanting for more. A study provided conclusive evidence that having junk food regularly cause the loss of sensory-specific satisfaction which leads to eating more of the same and hence, result in obesity or weight gain.


The reason why people get diabetes is because of a hormone called insulin not being able to transport sugar from the food to the cells. The added sugars that can be found in junk food manages to raise and then immediately reduce the sugar levels in the blood causing insulin resistance and a state where the sugar isn’t stored in the cells. This causes the sugar to remain in the bloodstream in large concentrations without being stored which results in developing Type 2 diabetes.

Tooth Decay

As the amount of sugar in your diet increases, the risk of getting cavities also increases. The enamel which protects your teeth starts to break down when you eat junk food due to the high sugar contents present in it. Soft drinks that usually accompany junk food are loaded with sugar and shouldn’t be had regularly as drinking this causes the enamel to break down. Switch to a drink that is not artificially sweetened. This is also the reason why you shouldn’t eat too many sweets.


Heart Health

The saturated fats present in junk food isn’t good for your heart as this increases the count of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream which can cause many illnesses such as stroke or high blood pressure. The high sodium content found in junk food due to the salt content doesn’t help either since this raises the blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular complications as well.

Low Nutrients

As junk food isn’t very high on nutrients, people who rely on junk food find themselves deprived of vitamins and minerals. The high energy nature of the food is responsible for the lack of Vitamin A, C, D, E and also protein, calcium, zinc, potassium, and monounsaturated fats.