The Best Fitness Conferences to Attend with the Approach of Summer

What comes before Summer? Spring of course; And what better way to celebrate the new touch of warmth with some of the best fitness conferences in town?

Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about the best of the best, all ready for you to visit.

What exactly do these events have to offer and why should you attend? Well, the answer is simple.

To commence networking with leaders within the fitness industry, all while readjusting your approach towards summer. Of course, all of us want to get back into shape and avoid the prolonging of that old “winter-slump”. I know I do anyway.

Fitness conferences, as well as summits,  are the best way to cram a few days of inspiring speeches and sessions in, which will allow you insight and learning new skill and tricks from the best.

If you think about a popular fitness event, what comes to mind is most probably one such as IHRSA, which is one biggest in the industry and generally takes place during March annually. There are also a lot of other events to choose from.


3 Fitness Conferences to Attend in Spring 2019

  • IDEA Personal Trainer Western Institute

This Personal Trainer Institute, also known as IDEAPTI, it is an excellent conference, due to its variety of endless benefits offered to all who attend.

You can even learn how to earn a total of 29 CEC’s, as well as get recertified all at once while having access to guides from many successful leaders in the industry. It also allows you the time and opportunity to buy the latest gear and equipment, all while expanding your network and knowledge regarding fitness gurus and trainers from across the globe.


  • The Fitness Business Summit

If you’re an owner of either a gym or any fitness-inspired facility, the Fitness Business Summit is the place to be next year. It is great for those who want to eliminate their competition, increase their marketing and sales techniques, and as a result, expand their revenue beyond their wildest dreams.

There are usually over 30 speakers, which covers all topics, such as how to be a better coach, improve your skills as a fitness professional and push the envelope, how to leverage the media, marketing strategies, getting more members, and much more.

This event is great for any professional who is crazy about fitness as a profession a want to achieve optimal success, all while maintaining a proper balance in their lives.


Ah, Australia. If there’s one country that knows what they’re doing when it comes to fitness, it’s probably the land down under.

FILEX is an event that accommodates over 2,000 fitness professionals, which includes fitness leaders and health experts from all over the world. During this conference, which spans over the course of three days, these professionals offer the best networking opportunities and workshops, which will add to the development of your personal brand, as well as your business.

The conference is one of the biggest fitness-inspired events in Australia and is hosted in Sydney annually.