The Most-Deadliest Types of Cancer

When it comes to different types of cancers, there are some that can be extremely dangerous and even fatal in worst case scenarios, and then there are cancers that are a bit more time.

Those that are tamer, usually have various treatment options available to you and even a high chance of getting better with proper medical advice and medications. Those who are worse, however, is more of a struggle to heal than anything else.

Whether the cause is smoking, living an unhealthy lifestyle, other illnesses that caused it, or whatever the case may be, it’s something that strikes without warning and devastates of people all around the world daily.

With, you’d think that all cancers are deadly. That is, in fact, not the case and there are a few who are singled out as the worst of the worst.

With an astonishing increase from 14 million new cases annually to 22 million in as little as six years, knowing about different types of cancers, as well as how to spot it early is very important. It’s also important to remember that even if you’re healthy, you are not exempt from cancer by any means.

Ranked: The 3 Deadliest Types of Cancers

Lung/ Bronchus Cancer

Listed as the worst cancer amongst all, lung or bronchus cancer resulted in the most fatalities the past couple of years.

Lung cancer is also considered to be the deadliest type of cancer because there aren’t many medical professionals can do to heal or treat it. The condition occurs when cells in your lung mutate, resulting in abnormal growth that hurts your organs, as well as prevent them from functioning correctly. It also has a negative effect on your organs and can prevent them from functioning altogether, which is why so many people die of it.

Cigarette smoking is responsible for over 90% of diagnoses. Another cause is breathing in toxic substances. It is estimated that 70% of patients diagnosed with lung cancer will die.

 Colorectal Cancer



As one of the most fatal types of cancers, colorectal cancers is also one of the most preventable.

It occurs when polyps form in one’s rectum. Polyps are abnormal growths of cells that aren’t necessarily cancerous, but always has a high chance of being active.

There is a reason why one should get a full examination on an annual, or bi-annual basis, as this type of growth can remain in the body without causing cancer for a few years. Removing it before it becomes cancerous, however, will defeat the risk of getting colorectal cancer altogether; hence it’s importance.

This type of cancer can occur in both young and older individuals but is more likely to occur in adults over 50, which adds up to over 90% of reported cases.

Anyone who’s had Crohn’s disease, colon cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, has an increased risk of getting colorectal cancer.

Breast Cancer

This cancer is one of the most common cancers in women and is caused as a result of cells that are mutated, which can turn into a malignant tumour.

This type of cancer is the second type of cancer that causes most deaths among women. Just because it is more prone to occur in women, however, doesn’t mean it cannot occur in men.

Women who have had breast cancer in their family, are also more prone to developing it at some point in their life. Girls who start menstruating before the age of 12, or women who only begin menopause after 55, are also more prone to getting breast cancer.