Junk food is almost unavoidable. It tastes great, costs less, and it’s easy to carry around. But junk food, as you may already know, isn’t exactly healthy. They cause many problems later mainly due to the mixture of salt, fat and sugar. That is because junk food, in its essence, is food that delivers minimal nutrients with a lot of fat and sugar. In this article, we’ll explain why having junk food on a regular basis can prove detrimental to your overall health.

Weight Imbalance

Since junk food is mostly empty calories and having junk food as a meal will only leave you wanting for more. A study provided conclusive evidence that having junk food regularly cause the loss of sensory-specific satisfaction which leads to eating more of the same and hence, result in obesity or weight gain.


The reason why people get diabetes is because of a hormone called insulin not being able to transport sugar from the food to the cells. The added sugars that can be found in junk food manages to raise and then immediately reduce the sugar levels in the blood causing insulin resistance and a state where the sugar isn’t stored in the cells. This causes the sugar to remain in the bloodstream in large concentrations without being stored which results in developing Type 2 diabetes.

Tooth Decay

As the amount of sugar in your diet increases, the risk of getting cavities also increases. The enamel which protects your teeth starts to break down when you eat junk food due to the high sugar contents present in it. Soft drinks that usually accompany junk food are loaded with sugar and shouldn’t be had regularly as drinking this causes the enamel to break down. Switch to a drink that is not artificially sweetened. This is also the reason why you shouldn’t eat too many sweets.


Heart Health

The saturated fats present in junk food isn’t good for your heart as this increases the count of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream which can cause many illnesses such as stroke or high blood pressure. The high sodium content found in junk food due to the salt content doesn’t help either since this raises the blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular complications as well.

Low Nutrients

As junk food isn’t very high on nutrients, people who rely on junk food find themselves deprived of vitamins and minerals. The high energy nature of the food is responsible for the lack of Vitamin A, C, D, E and also protein, calcium, zinc, potassium, and monounsaturated fats.